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Repairing & Fixing Fences After Weather-Related Failures

The Bekaert Fence Pros demonstrate repairing and reinforcing a fence after weather-related damage. It emphasizes the importance of proper maintenance and the use of high-tensile fencing materials to withstand environmental pressures such as wind, snow, and animal interaction.

1. Introduction to Fence Repair (0:41)

* Discusses the necessity of fixing fences with winter damage

* Highlights the ongoing maintenance required on a ranch

* Mentions dealing with live animals during repairs

2. Challenges Faced by Fences (1:19)

* Explains the impact of wind and snow on fences

* Describes how snow drifts allowed cows to walk over the fence

* Notes the resilience of the high tensile Bekaert Solidlock fixed knot fence

3. Assessing Fence Damage (2:15)

* Identifies issues with the fence’s braces due to weight from snow and ice

* Discusses the drawbacks of using steel pipe H braces

* Suggests the need for a diagonal strut for additional support

4. Implementing the Fence Repair Solution (3:09)

* Details the process of installing an N style brace for better support

* Emphasizes the depth of the post for increased holding power

* Advises on the correct side for fence placement relative to posts

5. Final Adjustments and Tensioning (4:21)

* Addresses the failure of a line post and the addition of new ones

* Describes the process of adding tension to the fence for stability

* Concludes with the successful reinforcement of the fence structure