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Fence Wire Coatings

Q. What are the differences between the wire coatings Bekaert offers on fence products?

A. Fence coatings are extremely important. They’re all that stands between your fence and the world, and unless you want a rusty fence with a short life span, they’re a necessity. Environmental factors like humidity, airborne sand and dust, abrasive chemicals, salt, and air pollution can weaken fencing materials. A chemical coating creates a barrier between these factors and your fence, ensuring a strong, beautiful fence for decades to come.

Bekaert fencing is the industry leader in fence coatings, and we stand behind our products with coating guarantees of up to 4x industry standards. We manufacture our fences with coatings that give them longer life, greater durability, lower overall costs of ownership, and enduring strength.

We use our proprietary Bezinal®+ UV and Bezinal® coatings, along with our triple thickness Class 3 galvanized coating, to protect your fencing investment, and offer our 20, 30, and 40 year Limited Guarantee to back it up. Register your new fence today. 

Bezinal+ UV Paint Coating

Bezinal®+ UV Coating is our premiere hybrid coating, combining the strength of our proprietary Bezinal® zinc-aluminum blend coating with the power of a UV-resistant painted top coat. 

Our most durable offering, Bezinal®+ UV coating is guaranteed for at least 40 years on our Gaucho® 40,  Solidlock® 40 Cattleman® 40 and Motto® products and is proven to outperform traditional galvanized coating by at least 4 to 1 for equal coating weights. Bezinal®+ UV meets or exceeds all industry standards set by ASTM for A 856 treated metal fencing.

  • Design, developed and produced exclusively by Bekaert
  • Advanced hybrid-aluminum coating
  • Superior hybrid coating with added top coat of UV resistant paint for an attractive green or black finish that guards against rust
  • Outperforms galvanized coatings at least 4 to 1 (for the same coating weight)
  • Download our Bezinal®+ UV Coating 40 year limited guarantee details for your product


Bezinal® coating is a Bekaert original – a proprietary hybrid zinc-aluminum blended coating that outperforms traditional galvanized Class 1 coatings by at least 3 to 1 for equal coating weights. Our Gaucho® 30 and Solidlock® 30 products carry the Bezinal® coating, and are guaranteed for at least 30 years.

Class 3

Class 3 coating is a traditional galvanized coating applied at a coating weight three times greater than the industry standard Class 1 coating. Gaucho® 20 and Solidlock® 20 wire products treated to a Class 3 standard are guaranteed for at least 20 years, and they meet or exceed the ASTM A 121, A 116 and A 641 standards for treated metal fencing.

Commercial and Class 1

Class 1 and commercial grade galvanized (zinc –coated) fencing offers basic protection for traditional fencing. Industry standards for Class 1 require .28 oz/ft2 for 12.5 gauge wire, while there are no minimum standards for basic commercial grade wire. These coatings between five and ten years in optimal conditions, and are no match for the quality and value of a Bezinal®+ UV, Bezinal®, or Class 3 coating on a Bekaert fence.

  • Basic galvanized option sutiable for traditional fencing
  • Commercial galvanized features Zinc coating only, with no minimum standard or coating amount

Limited Guarantee: Register Your Product or Submit a Claim

To make a claim under the Limited Guarantee, it is required that the following steps be followed:

  1. all claims of defective Class 3 galvanized coating of the Product must be made within 30 days of discovery of such defect;
  2. all claims must be accompanied with a copy of the original receipt from an authorized dealer or authorized distributor evidencing date of purchase and purchaser name; and
  3. a copy of the original Product tag indicating it was “Made in the USA”, including the manufactured date, must be included with the claim.
  4. include your completed registration card

For all claims under this Limited Guarantee or questions regarding this Limited Guarantee, please contact: Bekaert Corporation

Attn: Agricultural Claims

1395 South Marietta Parkway Building 500, Suite 100

Marietta, GA 30067 1 800 241-4126

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