Barbed Wire

Barbed wire fence is known as the invention that truly tamed the American West. Imagine what it can do for your farm. 

Barbed wire, also called bobbed wire or barb wire, is still the material of choice for superior cattle fence construction. 

Barb wire construction consists of two wire strands twisted together and starred with 2-point or 4-point barbs at intermittent distances, usually 5 inches. For areas of high animal traffic or predator concerns or when used as a security fence, a 3 inch barb spacing is recommended. Bekaert barbed wire fence uses a reverse twist design that switches the direction of the two wires at each barb, producing a sag-resistant, stronger fence with greater memory and less maintenance.

Barbed Wire Applications Chart

The strength varies between brands...

Bekaert manufactures barbed wire in various strengths maxing out at 1259 lbs for the professional strength fencing products. Selecting the correct breaking strength depends on the application needs of your fencing project. Things to consider when choosing the right strength tier include installation method (High Tensile vs. Low Carbon), animal application, livestock head per acre, and the breed and aggression level of your livestock.

Bekaert Barbed Wire breaking strength chart

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Barbed Wire

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