Barbed Wire Installation Tips

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At Bekaert, we take pride in our extensive technical and installation know-how - after all, that's what makes us #thefencepros! Here are some barbed wire installation tips and tricks to help your fencing project go smoothly, but don't forget you always have the option to download and print off our installation guides for future use. 

In our knowledge library, we also offer tips from our staff of fencing pros and step-by-step videos of fencing installations by type of fence type. Scroll to the bottom to watch our barbed wire installation video. 

Barbed Wire Installation Video

Barbed Wire Installation Tips

#thefencepros recommend keeping these tips in mind when installing your barbed wire fence:

  • Safety first! Make sure you are equipped with protective eye wear, gloves, boots, and clothing that prevents serious lacerations. Work with a partner to make the job safer and easier.
  • Sketch out your fence project first.
  • Clear the planned fence line so you have an unobstructed work area.
  • Build a good brace! Your brace is the hardest working part of your fence, and it's also the place where many failures begin. Download #thefencepros Brace Specs guide for installing the perfect fence brace.
  • Starting from the bottom, fasten one strand of barbed wire at a time to the anchor post at the appropriate height.
  • Post spacing varies depending on wire strength. High tensile barbed wire can be installed up to 30' with stays. Low carbon wire can be installed at 12-15'.
  • For high tensile barbed wire, pull the wire until it is tight, but not too tight. Over-tightening will cause stress and breakage.
  • Still need help? Ask #thefencepros!