Delfast Cordless Staple Gun & Accessories

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Stapling your fence wire to your posts can often be a tedious step in your fence installation. To speed up the process of post stapling, Bekaert now offers Delfast products including Delfast Cordless Staple Gun, staples, a cleaning kit and extra batteries. The Delfast Staple Gun is cordless, meaning there is no compressor needed making it compact and easy to use. Each battery charge can produce 8,000 shots and up to 1,200 shots per fuel cell. 

You can easily adjust the staple depth on Delfast Staple Gun without needing any extra tools. The Delfast staples are Knurled (or ribbed) Class 4 galvanized and fit most 9 gauge power staplers. Independent lab tests show these staples have a holding power 30% better than other collated staples. See the video below to see the Delfast Fence Post Staple Gun in action. 

The Delfast Staple Gun gun kit (666141) includes: 

  • Delfast 4.00mm Cordless Staple Gun
  • 1 Plastic carry case
  • 2 batteries
  • 1 charger
Delfast Cordless Staple Gun & Accessories
Item # Product Unit of Measure
666141 Delfast, 4mm, 9 ga cordless Staple Gun - Includes plastic
carry case, 2 batteries, and a charger
666142 Delfast, 1 1/2" 9 ga Staples, 1,000 and Fuel cell Box/Bucket
 666143  Delfast, 1 3/4" 9 ga Staples, 900 and Fuel cell  Box/Bucket
 666144  Delfast, 2" 9 ga Staples, 800 and Fuel cell  Box/Bucket
 666145  Delfast Cleaning Kit  Kit
 666147  Delfast Li-ion Battery  Each

How to use the Delfast Cordless Staple Gun

#TheFencePros showcase the new fence Cordless Delfast Staple Gun now available through Bekaert. This compact and easy to use stapler can do 8,000 shots per battery charge. Your initial purchase includes the staple gun, two batteries, one charger, and one case.