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Best Fencing to Keep Deer Out

While deer are docile wildlife many of us enjoy watching, they can also be an annoying nuisance when you are trying to garden or grow trees in your yard. These creatures love to snack on any vegetation they can find. Watch this video to learn how to build a fence that will keep deer out of your garden or yard. On the other hand, deer farming is growing in popularity. So you may be here wondering what kind of fence to build to keep your herd of deer in. This video is also for you and will provide the answers you need. So, whether you are trying to keep deer in or fence them out, the Bekaert Fence Pros have a few products they recommend. If you are looking for a good option, give the Solidlock® Pro a try. Our experts say its height and the woven wire spacing will get the job done. If you are looking for a better option, our Fence Pros recommend the Gaucho® Pro. They also say to add some height to the fence line with one to two strands of barbed wire. And for the best option guaranteed to keep deer in or out, our experts recommend a combination of the Solidlock® Pro with the Cattleman® Pro barbed wire. Watch the video to see what they share on the specifics of each of these recommended solutions and learn what tips and tricks they have on post spacing and more. Have questions about building a fence to keep deer out or fence them in? Reach out to the Bekaert Fence Pros:

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