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Best Fence to Keep Feral Hogs Out

Feral hogs are becoming a problem across much of the U.S., especially in southern states like California, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. In fact, they are one of the most destructive animals in the country. This is because they will eat up your crops, destroy pasture ground and infrastructure, spread disease, and more. If you need to keep feral hogs off your property, watch this video to learn how to build a fence that will keep them out. Our Fence Pros at Bekaert will walk you through what fencing products are the best choice for fencing out feral hogs. They will also share some helpful solutions and tips. For example, when building an exclusion fence for wild hogs, something to keep in mind is to make sure your fence reaches a certain height. Learn from our Fence Pros what minimum height you should be aiming for.