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Best Fence to Keep Feral Hogs Out

Feral hogs are becoming a problem across much of the U.S., especially in southern states like California, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. In fact, they are one of the most destructive animals in the country. This is because they will eat up your crops, destroy pasture ground and infrastructure, spread disease, and more. The populations are multiplying too, increasing the risk of encountering problems with these hogs.

Our Fence Pros at Bekaert will walk you through what fencing products are the best choice for excluding feral hogs. They also share some specific things to keep in mind when fencing out hogs. For example, when building an exclusion fence for hogs, your fence should be a certain height.

Keeping Wild Hogs Off Your Property

The damage that feral hogs can do is worth putting the energy into getting a good fence to keep them out. You do not need a substantially high fence to exclude wild hogs. “A 35-inch fence is a good choice to keep hogs out,” Taylor recommends. “A hog fence with 30-foot post spacing and 6 to 12-inch spacing works well for excluding them,” says Taylor.

Bekaert has a solid selection of hog exclusion fence options for your property. This includes both Solidlock® Pro Fixed Knot and Gaucho® Pro Field Fence products. These fence options have the recommended height and features for hog exclusion.

Fence Options to Deter Wild Hogs

The best option for excluding wild hogs would be our Solidlock Pro® Cattle Fence , 949-6/12, or 735-6 with 20-30-foot post spacing would be the perfect solution to keep hogs out.

Our Solidlock Pro® Fixed Knot Fences utilizes high tensile wire with a fixed knot construction. It prevents sagging and buckling and requires less maintenance. This woven wire fence is tough and durable enough to deter wild hogs.

Another great choice is our Gaucho Pro® High Tensile Field Fence. Fences like the 1047-6 or 939-6 are great options for hog exclusion. Compared to low carbon fencing options it takes less time to install and maintains its strength due to the fence’s high tensile wire. No matter how the hogs try to get in, a Solidlock Pro® or Gaucho Pro® fence should keep them at bay.

Electric fencing is another good option as well. Hogs tend to come from swampy areas and root under a fence once they see it. An electric shock can frighten them away, making an electric fence a great choice as well. Wild hogs are a real problem, but these fence options for hog exclusion can help.