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How to Properly Staple High Tensile Wire

"TheFencePros at Bekaert demonstrate the proper way to drive wire fence staples. Fence staples, or u-nails as they are also called, are used to attach the wire fence to wooden posts. Below are general guidelines to driving staples by specific fence type. i. Smooth wire electric – Loose staple every wire. Keep spaces consistent by using a measuring stick with spaces marked on it. Start from the bottom when stapling. Most animals will go under the fence rather than over. ii. Barbed Wire – Loose staple every wire. Use a measuring stick. Mark the wire positions. Some prefer to start at the top when installing multiple strands of barbed wire so successive wires don’t get hung up. iii. Woven Wire – Always loose staple the wires. Wire expands and contracts with temperature change and also needs to be free to move under the staple so the brace takes the impact and not the stapled post."

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