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Other Animal Fence Needs

Today’s diversified farming and ranching operations and the resurgence in hobby and small-share farming mean an increasing variety of animals to contain and protect. Popular exotics include ratites (ostrich, emu, and rhea), camelids (llamas, alpacas, and vicunas), zebras and many more. Below is an overview of things to keep in mind when selecting the right fence for your project. 


For strength of your fence consider the temperament and number of head per acre. Consider how much animal pressure will be present. The higher the number of animals, the more stress the fence will incur. Fences near the barn and feeding areas will sustain more pressure than other areas.


Spacing is an important characteristic to consider when enclosing or excluding animals. Spacing of the wires generally gets wider as the fence gets higher. Stay wires are spaced any where from 2” apart for small animals and 12” for large animals. 


The height needed will depend on the size and jumping ability of the animals. The height of most woven wire fencing materials ranges from 26” to 96”. 

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