Fence Staples, Clips, & Tools

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Fastening your fence to your posts is an important job. Bekaert offers several options for doing just that. 
Our Barbed Fence Staples are made from premium 8g Bezinal® coated wire. These Barbed Fence Staples feature single or double barbs to maintain fastening and provide easy driving. Shorter staple lengths are suitable for hardwood posts, while longer staple lengths are suitable for softwood posts.

Our Knurled Fence Staples are made from economical 9g Class 3 galvanized wire. These Knurled Staples are grooved along the legs for better fastening and longer hold. Sharp points provide easy driving, and come in short lengths for hardwood posts and longer lengths for softwood posts.

Panel staples, a new option from Bekaert, are manufactured from heavy duty 6g Bezinal® coated wire. Panel staples are specifically designed to work well with fence panels such as cattle panels or hog panels. These staples feature a wide crown to fit easily over welded panels and other general applications. The legs of the staple are longer than other staples at 2.5 inches. 

When you're not using wood posts, Pipe and T-post Clips are used to attach the fence the posts. Our Pipe Post Clips circle the fence post to securely hold the fence in position. These clips feature our Bezinal® coated wire and can be used with 2 3/8" or 3" pipe posts. Our T-post Clips work with any standard T-post. We also offer a drill chuck which can be used to properly install the clips. Our custom Drill Chuck works with all three clip sizes. 

Barbed Fence Staples (8g)
Item # Description Barbed Package Coating
 654317  1.5"  double barbed  75 count jar  Bezinal® 
 654318  1.75"  double barbed  75 count jar  Bezinal® 
658096  1.25"
 barbed  8 lb bucket  Bezinal® 
658107  1.5"
 double barbed  8 lb bucket  Bezinal® 
658132  1.75"  double barbed  8 lb bucket  Bezinal® 
 658014  2"  double barbed   8 lb bucket  Bezinal® 
187255  1.25"  barbed  50 lb bucket  Bezinal® 
147613  1.5"  double barbed  50 lb bucket  Bezinal® 
187260   1.75"  double barbed  50 lb bucket  Bezinal® 
 162837  2"  double barbed  50 lb bucket  Bezinal® 
Knurled Staples (9g)
Item # Description Type Package Coating
 118322  1"  knurled  50 lb box  Class 3
 118323  1.25"  knurled  50 lb box  Class 3
 118324  1.5"  knurled 50 lb box   Class 3
 118325  1.75"  knurled 50 lb box   Class 3
Panel Staples (6g)
Item # Description Type Package Coating
666210 2.5" barbed 5 lb bucket Bezinal®
Crimp Sleeves and Tools
Item # Description For use with: Package Coating
632999 12.5 ga crimp sleeves 16-12.5 ga high
tensile smooth wire
100 count jar Aluminum
 633000 12.5 ga crimp sleeves  16-12.5 ga high
tensile smooth wire
 100 count jar Aluminum
 633002  2-slot Crimp Tool  10, 11,
12.5 ga wire
 n/a n/a
Post Clips and Tools
Item # Description Gauge Package Coating
658867 Pipe Clip 2 3/8" 11  300 count bucket Bezinal®
 658868 Pipe Clip 3"  11 300 count bucket
 658869 T-Post Clip   11  500 count bucket Bezinal®
 658870  Drill Chuck for post
 and pipe clips
for use with
11 ga clips
 each Bezinal®