Specialty Crops Fence Applications

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For orchard and specialty crops, building the infrastructure and perimeter/exclusion fence needed to support a healthy, productive crop is the key to success. From apples and cherries to more niche crops like grapes and hemp, exclusion fence and trellises hold your plants in place.  This makes them more productive, ensuring a quicker, more efficient harvest and increased yields by protecting and stabilizing spindles, stalks, trunks and branches.  Exclusion fence keeps deer and other pests out, resulting in increased yields and a more marketable crop.

With Bekaert, the coating, strength and durability of our wire protects and supports your specialty crop. Bekaert wire can provide you the right products to build the infrastructure your operation needs to flourish. Select your application from choices below. 

Download our brochure on high tensile wire for fruit and vegetable trellis and deer exclusion