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How to do a Center Pull Joining Two Long Fence Runs Together

TheFencePros at Bekaert demonstrate the proper way to do an end pull to do a center pull joining two long fence runs together. This is useful when you are doing long run fence projects on flat terrain. Our Fence Pros tension the fence using Stretcher Bars and Stretcher Bar Pullers with Chains, tie off the fence with Gripple T-Clips, and joining the fence with Gripple Medium wire joiners.

Tips for Center Pull Joining

Joining a fence in the center takes time and care, but if done correctly it makes for a clean installation. Just be patient as you perform each step. Wear glasses, gloves, and good boots before getting started. Have your stretcher and stretcher bar puller close by.

We recommend getting your fence in place on the ground before applying your stretcher bars. The fence stretching process is simple if you keep these few tips in mind. As you attach the bars to your fence, make sure the wedges are secure as you hammer. When you tension the fence, the chain should be straight before you move the puller up and down.

Joining the two pieces of fence together is the next step. The fence needs to be matched correctly before applying Gripple wire joiners. When the fence has been joined, cut any excess wire, and remove wedges from the stretcher bar, starting from the bottom.

How do you connect two fences together?

Getting your fence installed is simple from this point on. Make sure your fence is squared up properly before cutting away any excess wire. Once done, pass the wire through your Gripple joiners and secure them.

Make sure you tension the fence one more time before removing the tool and chain from the stretcher bar. Then check if your joiners are fully stable and your fence has some slack.

With the right tools and a bit of patience and focus, you’ll have your fence correctly installed in no time.If you have any questions, just contact our Fence Pros with your inquiry.